People feel sorry for themselves, sometimes .

People feel sorry for themselves. I do, too. 
 I think about what I have sacrificed. The certainty of a very lonely life ahead. I'm at peace, yet I still feel sorry for myself. I guess it's self love. 
 It's one ill that I cannot eliminate. 
 I've been struggling with this for a while now. Been trying to find out. Is everything a trade-off? Is everything an equation? Is everything in some kind of stasis? Is the rule here to maintain status quo? 
 I can't think of anything more devastating, but I need to know. Arguing about this is difficult even on a theoretical level, but I have to try. 

CIV Domination Victory

I feel like only Domination Victory is worth playing. This condition allows most diverse gameplay, most elements etc. Religion Victory is the most limited and does not leave much room (at all) for maneuver. Diplomatic Victory is aggravating given how the AI behaves (even as of today). Scientific Victory is just like a default sure-fire way to win, I don't even want to consider it. Only Domination Victory feels like a game. But it feels rote. I remember saying this even last year: I need to stop sinking time into this game. For some reason the more I progress and the closer I am to victory the more frustrating it becomes. I always start from the Ancient Era because I think what I like the most about the game is just land grab. Everything from when you can't establish new settlement feels predictable, intolerable. That's it. I really like having vast, vast swaths of land.
Think of it as a citizen. Would I be happy (or less unhappy) had I been born in Montenegro? New Zealand?…

Fall begins

I'll never forget. 903 is when summer turns into fall this year. I wish I could find the "old internet". I wish the pond was bigger. 
The world will keep growing smaller. In the end, perhaps the only righteous pursuit is math. I can't think of anything more abstract and truthful. Is there a way of thinking that is more objectively accurate than math? Anyhow, I'm not there yet . I feel like we can all see very well into the future at this point- by all I mean nearly 30% of global population. The rest are so passive that you can't really take them into consideration; on a conscious level, they are nonparticipating. But 30% of global population (still a subjective #) is a lot. I'm seeing things that deviate that are soon to be forgotten. I'm anxious about what needs to be done. I'm anxious because it has to be a group effort. 

How To Cover All Globe With Custom Image Overlay In Google Earth Pro

Why are all top links so unhelpful and don't tell you that in order to 
Cover All Globe w/ Custom Image Overlay in Google Earth Pro
You need to go to Add- Image Overlay - Location
Set Coordinates to 
 90° 0'0.00"N  90° 0'0.00"S 180° 0'0.00"E 180° 0'0.00"W
That's it, but they don't tell you. 

I predict

I predict the male population will go down about 20-30% in the next 50-100 years. 
There's too much misunderstanding. Men will disappear from family, workplace, entertainment... everywhere where they're not truly welcome.
You don't need a "father figure" at home, really.
The "family unit" must be broken. 

The Suppliant Maidens ( Aeschylus ) - translated by G. M. Cookson

The Suppliant Maidens 
- translated by G. M. Cookson -

D R A M A T I S   P E R S O N A E 

Argos. A Hill rises in the foreground, and on the summit of it stand altars and statues of many gods. Enter the fifty DANAIDES, with their slave girls, and DANAUS

Zeus, the Suppliant's God, be gracious to us, pitifully behold us, for fugitives are we; where the blown sand-dunes silt the mouths of Nilus, there we took the highway of the blue, salt sea; there looked our last at the land of Zeus, her borders lapsed and lost in the Syrian marches wild, fleeing, not as outlaws banned for blood-guilt lest a people perish, but self-exiled. 
No way but this to escape abhorred embraces, marriage rites unholy that true love shuns; better far lands and unfamiliar faces than wedded and bedded with King Ægyptus' sons. 
As when hard pressed on the board a cautious player this piece or that from a threatened squ…