ML is not hard

I've been hearing that for a long time now, but machine learning is not hard, at least not on current innovation (what constitutes as innovation) pace & level. Not sure when I'd first heard of Leetcode but I took a look today and even the hard ones are like jokes. I'm sure they are jokes. One ought to intuitively understand the underlying logic by the age of 10. Perhaps this site is for children or students. Anyway, if modern youth find machine learning hard the collective human IQ must've dropped a lot.  Let's see, a lot happened in the last few months. In hindsight Fate was good to me by delivering me from Valencia. Thanks. I'm still not sure how people truly feel about covid around the world. One thing that kept coming back to haunt me was I left most of my belongings in my apartment before leaving in a hurry and people were bound to find my virology calendar there. I was obsessed with cell research at that time. Who knew covid was about to hit? Not me a

win tip

 WIN + left to bring back off-screen app

Why don't I assume I'll have all the nightmares from now on?

 There is no reason not to 

"pause period"



So many people need to die. They plainly need to. 

People feel sorry for themselves, sometimes .

 People feel sorry for themselves. I do, too.   I think about what I have sacrificed. The certainty of a very lonely life ahead. I'm at peace, yet I still feel sorry for myself. I guess it's self love.   It's one ill that I cannot eliminate.   I've been struggling with this for a while now. Been trying to find out. Is everything a trade-off? Is everything an equation? Is everything in some kind of stasis? Is the rule here to maintain status quo?   I can't think of anything more devastating, but I need to know. Arguing about this is difficult even on a theoretical level, but I have to try. 

CIV Domination Victory

 I feel like only Domination Victory is worth playing. This condition allows most diverse gameplay, most elements etc. Religion Victory is the most limited and does not leave much room (at all) for maneuver. Diplomatic Victory is aggravating given how the AI behaves (even as of today). Scientific Victory is just like a default sure-fire way to win, I don't even want to consider it.  Only Domination Victory feels like a game. But it feels rote.  I remember saying this even last year: I need to stop sinking time into this game. For some reason the more I progress and the closer I am to victory the more frustrating it becomes. I always start from the Ancient Era because I think what I like the most about the game is just land grab. Everything from when you can't establish new settlement feels predictable, intolerable.  That's it. I really like having vast, vast swaths of land. Think of it as a citizen. Would I be happy (or less unhappy) had I been born in Montenegro? New Zeala