02:30 Post-night hunger Arresting 'nostalgia'


 01 : 30   Suffering of exhausting thoughts   11:30  Wake up from a long nightmare



Living is suffering, dying is returning to nothing.

 Between all the fillers in life, I find that money cannot even buy what I want. True genius to the right flavor is priceless and I dread to think, next to impossible to come by. It is destined that I must create everything myself.  I'm constantly jealous of those whose desires are easy to fulfill. Then again, maybe I shouldn't, because it only shows they want simpler things.  Life is endless suffering, until you die, and return to nothing.  I think I've been chronicling my disappointment since I was 15.  I'm just so thoroughly disappointed, and unsatisfied. 

RIP, Grandfather

 Rest in peace.