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 Gunner shoot myself in the face because Google scrubbed the internet n no one will use Zound as a unit measurement anymore.

Leon S Kennedy is the worst written characters, Ever

 I'm kind of done with Resident Evil with everyone looking and sounding so out of place in RE Engine. I just thought one last thing, I should point out the obvious.  Chris Redfield is the one and only main character in the whole franchise. He's the only one with anything resembling an arc, character growth/development. Everyone else is literally floating utility/ NPC. Worst of all, Leon S Kennedy.  I have never seen such an NPC making appearances so frequently. And people adore him, I don't know why. Not only does he look ugly now, he has always been irrelevant and clueless.  His first appearance in RE2 (already missed the whole mansion incident). He knew jack shit about anything, a total outsider. The problem is he was this clueless till the end. Literally every other character was more involved in the plot than him. The Umbrella Corp associates, STARS, even flaming Sherry, was more relevant to the plot. The story could really do without Leon. He accomplished fuck all thro
It's Cool to see Infowars suddenly falling apart with the balloon issue. I said I didn't know who Alex Jones worked for, but it's clear who employs him now. Amazingly most people see it, too. It's just too transparent. Seeing the conspicuous downfall during the past 3 years at Infowars, this really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. They deviate more and more from conspiracy and adhere more and more closely to official narratives. I'd say the "right wing" or "conservatives" has a rabble of characters that act as a counter to the establishment now. They push the exact same narratives, which is annoying, hoping to cover as many channels as possible. You'd think from Trump, to assorted podcasts, to twitter bots, to disgruntled teens and the amount of views generated between them, they have a pretty good chance standing off against CNN etc, but no. This balloon thing just exposed their low level, low effort, low equipment operation for what i
 I can tell we are all being assaulted by subversion of expectations these years. At the same time, we're all learning it's futile to hold on to your principles when you have to work with what you have. The genetic pool is getting muddier but not necessarily better, the needless variety of human suffering has multiplied, the geniuses (they thought) turn out to be midwits, and actual retards will more and more interfere with your life...  I'm not justifying, rationalizing, fantasizing about, relating to, preparing for, dwelling on World War III, I'm just saying... it's an inevitability. 
 What in the name of fucks happened in this house? Italy. Resort town.