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 I can't get over how fake and underwhelming the Bible is (both Old and New Testament) as literature and scripture, compared to even the lowest level writing that you can call an article I've ever come across. I just cannot fathom anyone taking that seriously, let alone as some sort of moral guidance and build civilization on it. I always believe the west's achievements happened completely separately from this pile of garbage. If not, everything instantly becomes atrocious. Well, I did let it get to me sometimes since they stressed it so much, and now I have such hatred for those oil paintings (no longer enjoying european art museums). And I mean, once you have learned the historical context, actual painting technique and how to recreate it digitally, there is no room for any of that awe anyway. 

Will it end like bohurt?

 The year was 2017. When I first watched the Battle of the Nations tournament, the only thought that crossed my mind was "great, I get to visit a coliseum that is in use." Despite that, this has quickly become one of the highlights during my time in Barcelona. So you know, I have never watched a football game in some stadium, but this, a bohurt event taking place at a coliseum or equally relevant venue is the only sport I will tolerate.   The rules are interesting. HMBIA is the main regulating body, but alternatively there are others that advocate for different rules on armor and play. I'm for the rules against holding onto railings, which occurs far too frequently and is a buzzkill in mass battles where it's supposed to get exciting (last few standing). Now bohurt isn't exactly like reenactment which runs rampant in UK & Ireland. It is a competitive sport, and it quickly became apparent that this is a Slavic affair.   On Day 3. I had no idea why the crowd wen
 Europeans are going extinct. Not ethnically but culturally, linguistically and historically. They are blending into the new concept of white.  Various Anglos, therefore all Anglos, already have a bigger say in European affairs than Europeans themselves. Whether they will rewrite history is not important. What's important is they're making and narrating the present right now, and in the short future till its uniqueness is dead.  No Euro language, not German, not French, not Italian, not Finnish, not Danish, not Dutch, not Swedish, not Norwegian, not Polish, will survive the slow assimilation into English, and their culture into the new White culture, which will predominately be Anglo.  There is no competition for which part of these already vestigial entities will make it to the new identity, and there will never be, or perhaps not until it's too late. The prize isn't worth it. Also, why would you curate your own death?