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It's Cool to see Infowars suddenly falling apart with the balloon issue. I said I didn't know who Alex Jones worked for, but it's clear who employs him now. Amazingly most people see it, too. It's just too transparent. Seeing the conspicuous downfall during the past 3 years at Infowars, this really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. They deviate more and more from conspiracy and adhere more and more closely to official narratives. I'd say the "right wing" or "conservatives" has a rabble of characters that act as a counter to the establishment now. They push the exact same narratives, which is annoying, hoping to cover as many channels as possible. You'd think from Trump, to assorted podcasts, to twitter bots, to disgruntled teens and the amount of views generated between them, they have a pretty good chance standing off against CNN etc, but no. This balloon thing just exposed their low level, low effort, low equipment operation for what i