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Will it end like bohurt?

 The year was 2017. When I first watched the Battle of the Nations tournament, the only thought that crossed my mind was "great, I get to visit a coliseum that is in use." Despite that, this has quickly become one of the highlights during my time in Barcelona. So you know, I have never watched a football game in some stadium, but this, a bohurt event taking place at a coliseum or equally relevant venue is the only sport I will tolerate. 

 The rules are interesting. HMBIA is the main regulating body, but alternatively there are others that advocate for different rules on armor and play. I'm for the rules against holding onto railings, which occurs far too frequently and is a buzzkill in mass battles where it's supposed to get exciting (last few standing). Now bohurt isn't exactly like reenactment which runs rampant in UK & Ireland. It is a competitive sport, and it quickly became apparent that this is a Slavic affair. 

 On Day 3. I had no idea why the crowd went crazy cheering for the Ukrainians in the finale. I simply went along with it. Then I watched some more tournaments in the following years. The Poles have some great individual fighters (who also go to those UFC-type duel events), the English and the French are only team contenders, but the Russians are extremely organized, having access to funding and professional training. I've learned a lot, but this isn't time to comment on technique.

 It always came down to Ukrainians vs Russians. 

 The Russians always win.