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 Shit movies, shit games, shit novels... it all really feels like a personal attack on me. I can't just keep reading maps you know. Just unbearable watching technology and resources and attention being wasted on these great mass equalizers. 
  This deposition answered a lot of questions for me. Ever since I heard of this character I've been wondering what kind of shill he is, exactly what type of asset he is to which agency. It's still not 100% clear but this deposition was done under oath so it confirms some tidbit suspicion I've had.  Christianity is dead. College Education is not necessary. The NWO is a hoax. Climate change is not.  Nevertheless this is still better theater than 99% of films anybody produces today. (I know, under oath)
 I'm in hell. (I'm in jail.)  Come to think of it, my frustration and disappointment in the world was not completely avoidable. I am bewildered whenever I look into somebody's eyes and see a spark of joy ignited by the most excruciatingly mundane things. I have endured physical torment and other forms of mental crucifixion of course, but at the end of the day I always come back to boredom. It is not my inability to discover fun, it's what I see every day- that is, people embracing ugliness, lies, atrocity and all that is unholy in the world.  Why? Since when? It doesn't seem possible to have even a haven for all that is normal and good. Granted, my norm is not your norm... it's not most people's norm. But hell, I yearn for it every day and I WILL make it a reality.