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 I can tell we are all being assaulted by subversion of expectations these years. At the same time, we're all learning it's futile to hold on to your principles when you have to work with what you have. The genetic pool is getting muddier but not necessarily better, the needless variety of human suffering has multiplied, the geniuses (they thought) turn out to be midwits, and actual retards will more and more interfere with your life...  I'm not justifying, rationalizing, fantasizing about, relating to, preparing for, dwelling on World War III, I'm just saying... it's an inevitability. 
 What in the name of fucks happened in this house? Italy. Resort town. 
 The world is sinking and I'm getting angrier and angrier every day. At myself, mostly. Need to pick up the pace. Also, I don't think I'm above certain side projects anymore. I keep shoving them aside but the thoughts are haunting. The sooner I finish the quicker I will be able to move on, I think.