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It's Cool to see Infowars suddenly falling apart with the balloon issue. I said I didn't know who Alex Jones worked for, but it's clear who employs him now. Amazingly most people see it, too. It's just too transparent. Seeing the conspicuous downfall during the past 3 years at Infowars, this really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. They deviate more and more from conspiracy and adhere more and more closely to official narratives. I'd say the "right wing" or "conservatives" has a rabble of characters that act as a counter to the establishment now. They push the exact same narratives, which is annoying, hoping to cover as many channels as possible. You'd think from Trump, to assorted podcasts, to twitter bots, to disgruntled teens and the amount of views generated between them, they have a pretty good chance standing off against CNN etc, but no. This balloon thing just exposed their low level, low effort, low equipment operation for what it is, yet again. You can't win with this much deviation from reality, no matter how high your position is or how big your audience is. What ordinary people lack in influence, money and resource, they make up in common sense. That is precious. 

If I had to guess, Alex Jones had been operating as a real independent for most of his career. It was only until the Jan 6 thing that made him backtrack and renounce his much needed energizing tactics. Not even the previous deplatforming fazed him, unless he was already a sellout by that time and had handlers securing the satellite deals. I truly think fearing consequences, or in his pov prolly becoming victim of his own success, he saw nothing but a dead-end that lies ahead and accepted becoming the controlled opposition around that time.

It's clear that he's run out of "muh high German ancestry" "much CIA grandparents" stories a long time ago, but all he does is shilling now. It's no longer entertaining as it is too low IQ for the flat earthers (90% are larpers I believe). The conspiracy he peddled used to be half serious, like exaggerating the severity and magnitude of actual events by ten or a hundred folds. But 0 times anything is still 0. You can't defeat common sense. Even people in the comment section, a cesspool I only check out once every 3 years, realize this. 

Anyhow. I'm starting to get into Indian films recently so I'm not too sad about losing this source of entertainment. It was kind of disheartening to see this brand turn into another subsidiary in the retarded racist war hawk complex. It's not even American. It's actually as abstract and generic as the globalists as they call it.