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Leon S Kennedy is the worst written characters, Ever

 I'm kind of done with Resident Evil with everyone looking and sounding so out of place in RE Engine. I just thought one last thing, I should point out the obvious. 

Chris Redfield is the one and only main character in the whole franchise. He's the only one with anything resembling an arc, character growth/development. Everyone else is literally floating utility/ NPC.

Worst of all, Leon S Kennedy. 

I have never seen such an NPC making appearances so frequently. And people adore him, I don't know why. Not only does he look ugly now, he has always been irrelevant and clueless. 

His first appearance in RE2 (already missed the whole mansion incident). He knew jack shit about anything, a total outsider. The problem is he was this clueless till the end. Literally every other character was more involved in the plot than him. The Umbrella Corp associates, STARS, even flaming Sherry, was more relevant to the plot. The story could really do without Leon. He accomplished fuck all throughout the timeline. 

RE4 (as well as the recent remake) reveals that once again, he knows about fuck all what was happening. The real plot was in Separate Ways while the main game was a guy aimlessly running around not knowing what's happening behind the scenes. 

Then came the CGI movie Damnation. Once again, the retard didn't know what was going on until the very end. Even then, the space in his head remained blank where it should've been filled with information others were privy to. 

You can see the guy had no initiative. As a rookie cop, a secret agent, or whatever, even with top level clearance, apparently, he never actively sought out the truth. He was acting like a mindless tool at his position this whole time. He never made moves of his own against Umbrella, he never uncovered any conspiracy, he never indeed utilize a single brain cell in his head. Pure heart? This is pathetic. 

Then came RE6. And AGAIN, even at his prime age and with all that supposed working experience, the man knew fuck all what was happening. He was clueless throughout the whole game, and till this day we don't know if he ever found out what was really happening then. How, how can people root for such a retarded and clueless character?

He was equally dumb in Vendetta, I can't even. Do you see the difference. 

Chris was involved in the original mansion incident. Leon has never uttered the name Spencer and probably didn't know who he was. 

Everyone else knew what was happening in Raccoon City. STARS, Carlos, Ada, Birkins... everyone, except the rookie. Such an outsider and out of place. AND TOTALLY IRRELEVANT.

In Spain, again everyone else was involved in the plot, from Wesker's side, Krauser, Ada... except Leon, clueless as ever. You could argue he was more clueless than Ashley. I mean she would've known Krauser was hired by Saddler by the time she was kidnapped. But Leon, upon slaying Krauser (1st time), asked "you were a good guy... why?" Yeah why indeed you fucking retard. He was just, SO STUPID.

And he managed to not look into any of this and carry on with his mundane work as a US government agent. Oh I forgot about Infinite Darkness. Yeah he was clueless in that one, too. Keeping the evidence from Claire, yeah you bet he's done fuck all with it himself.

Dude still had unshakable belief in US justice system and wanted to arrest Simmons despite not even knowing the full extent of crime committed and the Family connection. Didn't even know about the whole Carla thing, never encountered Haos, just had brief contact with Ustanak and didn't even seem surprised. Straight became a drunk in Vendetta.

Compare that with Chris who's been deeply involved in pretty much all RE conspiracies now. A complete transformation. People talk about Chris as if he was some muscle head, but Leon is the true airhead that doesn't know anything. 

I have never seen such an irrelevant character that adds nothing to the plot and makes absolutely no impact on the story and being peddled 24/7. It's insane.