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 I just logged onto reddit for the first time in 3 years. Boy it's a 60 IQ place now (was a 70 IQ place), just REEKS of stupid. The vast, vast majority of Americans who unfortunately use this website on the regular must be damaged beyond repair by now.  

Despite its glowies and botnet 4chan is miles better in terms of genuine human interaction online. But of course this is weak. Both are garbage and not worth the time. I'm guessing young people are in different pockets on discord now but I couldn't be bothered to check it out. 

I don't think a society can run on fakeness. It's one thing to battle repressive algorithms and disinformants, but it's quite something else when everyone Chooses to be disingenuous. 

Stupid really has a stench. It can be induced by any expression or sign of retardation.