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 The older I am the stranger I find the world as it is. How come most people and things are garbage? I just came across this great production the other day and apparently in less than a decade, all of the crew has disappeared (no trace on the internet). Yet there is endless remake of past franchise that has lost all its flavor. I'm not even sure who the audience is. Is Hollywood hellbent on educating zoomers about 90s humor? It's not going to work. 

Anyway, it just amazes me how a decent production, clearly made with love, talent and care has gone largely unnoticed while the public is immersed neck deep in all sorts of media waste. 

I look back on some of the books I liked. Those look like garbage now, too. I guess I have grown out of it, but still. 

I don't think there is an explanation I can accept for this. I know it's time but it's still hard to put up with the disappointment.