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 1. wasted roughly 2 pounds of beef

 2. read some of book 2 ( book 1 was Clio )

 3. had to get up early for pcr test (6) , felt no increased productivity from the expansion of day

 I used to think it's a good thing for politic talks to become a national, universal pastime. I did not however think about what would happen if I'm ill prepared for where to progress next. That's the problem I'm facing today. Now that all social platforms are filled with mere opinions, not content (or very little), I have no use for truly all of them. I can do whatever, but I don't see enough others doing the same. I would feel very sick if I have to follow some time-wasting podcast or substack that really offer no insight or knowledge whatsoever. I'm just not going to do it. 

Thinking back on my time in Poland and Spain. I don't think western europe and eastern europe are that different.