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ML is not hard

I've been hearing that for a long time now, but machine learning is not hard, at least not on current innovation (what constitutes as innovation) pace & level. Not sure when I'd first heard of Leetcode but I took a look today and even the hard ones are like jokes. I'm sure they are jokes. One ought to intuitively understand the underlying logic by the age of 10. Perhaps this site is for children or students. Anyway, if modern youth find machine learning hard the collective human IQ must've dropped a lot.  Let's see, a lot happened in the last few months. In hindsight Fate was good to me by delivering me from Valencia. Thanks. I'm still not sure how people truly feel about covid around the world. One thing that kept coming back to haunt me was I left most of my belongings in my apartment before leaving in a hurry and people were bound to find my virology calendar there. I was obsessed with cell research at that time. Who knew covid was about to hit? Not me a