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How To Cover All Globe With Custom Image Overlay In Google Earth Pro

Why are all top links so unhelpful and don't tell you that in order to  Cover All Globe w/ Custom Image Overlay in Google Earth Pro You need to go to Add- Image Overlay - Location & Set Coordinates to   90° 0'0.00"N  90° 0'0.00"S 180° 0'0.00"E 180° 0'0.00"W That's it, but they don't tell you. 

I predict

I predict the male population will go down about 20-30% in the next 50-100 years.  There's too much misunderstanding. Men will disappear from family, workplace, entertainment... everywhere where they're not truly welcome. You don't need a "father figure" at home, really. The "family unit" must be broken.