What if Google plays on the wrong team one day

Suggesting Google is not already actively fingering multiple pies as some sort of diversifying strategy. Yeah, of course, we know.

Are you glad that you're insignificant or do you actually want some justice done?

I'm sensing another nightmare coming tonight.

Chinese Nightmare

Good morning Diary.

Whenever I talk about China too much, I get Chinese nightmares. Then I remembered: some of it could've been reality.... no some of it is reality... no thanks. Never again.

my face is sore

Small yet funny stuff

Love these.

What if you don't speak Chinese in 20 years

There is already a joke there.

But let's move on.

I never thought about it this way, because it's who I am. I haven't used Chinese in over 6 years, but it's like a switch to me. Whenever I do decide to speak, I still possess more and better vocabulary than 99% of Chinese-speaking population, I still know more about the history and culture of the vast land than the majority of them. It's just a switch.

But the other day when I was greeted in Chinese on the street again- would be annoying if I was Japanese or Korean but people will keep assuming Asians are Chinese, and it's a good bet- I figured it would be interesting to entertain if I was not a Chinese speaker to begin with. Spaniards are smart that so many of them are learning Chinese is also what I'm trying to say. They are also probably the least racist people I've met. And probably the most jolly people. Why are they the way they are... I've never lived among a group of people who fail to annoy…

Late Night Edit

I'm kind of zoned out at the moment, not sure what was I...

Curious how the short bursts of energy don't lead to closure... or catharsis. Whatever is novel anymore.

Today I watched some Netflix trailers. It's a lot of shows, it's like Netflix is on steroids. But I cringed at every one of them. I had to stop every 2-3 to listen to Mackie Messer, not even the wonderful Louis Armstrong version- has to be the grim gritty original, just to scrape the disgust off of my mind.

The Netflix Original Shows are truly gross. It's a gut feeling. You can't rate shows based on "message", because they're not propaganda. So gut feeling is fair. I don't need to explain even, it's just gross.

All of them.

The other lesson, I guess, is before you commit to 150G of stuff you should always check out the sample first. Elementary grossed me out, too. I don't think that's a good role for Lucy. And Sherlock, please. Mr. bulge eyes is just what a whole lot o…


I got spooked a little last night.

You walk on rubber. You walk on soil.

See, I have no attachment issues. And I think if you keep it poetic enough, the passage is fine on its own.

I have spoken about calmness quite a few times haven't I? Well, I don't want to say that I have an anger management issue- the turbulence often... almost always occurs inside, but every once or twice a year, I do do something terribly irrational. And that's all it would take.

Next week is going to be... no the week after that. OK.

There is a clock, and it's ticking.  If I don't acquire the Greater Context I... the Greater Context, the Master Context... I can't be a disappointment to God.

I know I must seem like a simpleton to a lot... some people, and that's fair, but I still have my share to do. After all, I don't feel them.  I don't yet know when do they come into play.


The process is automatic. Once you acquired a chunk of it, it nullifies a whole …




OH!!!!!!!!!!!! MY!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU SEEING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU HEARING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG DIARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIARY LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THERE IS A!!!!!!!!!!! SYMPHONY CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!





I can hardly contain myself.

I... I.. I was wondering where all the intrigue with Poland was leading to... now I know- God oh Glorious God. Your magical ways. You put Battle of the Nations on my doorstep and now you let me in on yet another treat.

Oh Good Lord.  Thank you.

Mark the date it's 27-10-2017, it's October 27, 5 months from now. National Forum of Music in Wrocław.

Wait, is Paul Romero actually coming? Oh it's another fellow. Guess it'll be like a fan meetup thing then, eh?

Well I am stoked nonetheless.

I've never heard game tracks played in a public space before. T…