Botnet everywhere

 I'll admit I don't know the lingo, how they all work exactly, but like a lot of people I understand the gist of it. But holy hell, I don't think a lot of people realize how many botnets are out there today. 

I really used to laugh at the idea that we all live in a simulation. That was the idea that we were already living in a simulation. No, not yet, but we're definitely heading toward that direction. We WILL live in a simulation. The threads and articles I've witnessed in the past days were eye opening. The botnets are AGGRESSIVELY expanding, I mean truly at an alarming rate. I would go so far as to say that >50% of all content on open platforms is generated by AI. I just very recently found out how good that AI was. 

All the syntax studies weren't for nothing. 

What is going to happen once that majority becomes absolute? I feel like the advanced, elaborate botnets are there not to briefly capture our attention or maintain status quo, some day something is going to change. . . 


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