ML is not hard

I've been hearing that for a long time now, but machine learning is not hard, at least not on current innovation (what constitutes as innovation) pace & level. Not sure when I'd first heard of Leetcode but I took a look today and even the hard ones are like jokes. I'm sure they are jokes. One ought to intuitively understand the underlying logic by the age of 10. Perhaps this site is for children or students. Anyway, if modern youth find machine learning hard the collective human IQ must've dropped a lot. 

Let's see, a lot happened in the last few months. In hindsight Fate was good to me by delivering me from Valencia. Thanks. I'm still not sure how people truly feel about covid around the world. One thing that kept coming back to haunt me was I left most of my belongings in my apartment before leaving in a hurry and people were bound to find my virology calendar there. I was obsessed with cell research at that time. Who knew covid was about to hit? Not me at all. God that must've looked suspicious. 

If you must know I've always been interested in virology and genetics. Had I not gone into game development (LMFAO) I would've chosen the absolute hardcore real path in academia and then absolute frontier research in one of these branches. But now I skip table of content for weeks straight and still have not taken a look at covid strain sequence once. 

So I don't know if it's man made. Speculation is not fun when you know next to nothing. 

What I've been busy with is getting frustrated by the stuff I learn because of the lack of it.

The reason I'm writing this again is because I realize there is no warrant for some of my previous worries.  Nothing wrong with taking oneself seriously, but not too seriously. It's impossible to look at some - most of my now deleted posts without cringing and collapsing inwardly. I will probably never plateau, or be stable, or be satisfied. I will forever climb that steep learning curve. 

It's curious that some of the universally acknowledged "impactful" events won't mean a thing in a few years. Like Arab Spring of the old. I felt exactly the same back then. Nothing. 

I'm depressed wildlife photography has generally remained the same, that people are still acquainting themselves with the same questions. Every time a German introduces Oktoberfest to a Brittany French I die a little inside. People are making the same jokes after 10, 12 years. They're also circulating the exact same expired conspiracy theories. This is the first time I'm beginning to feel like it's all a simulation. There is never time to fundamentally move in to something new for the vast majority of people. It's hopeless. There are some new narratives that bind their worldviews though, actually good things on paper but I'm doubtful of the changes they effect. 


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