CIV Domination Victory

 I feel like only Domination Victory is worth playing. This condition allows most diverse gameplay, most elements etc. Religion Victory is the most limited and does not leave much room (at all) for maneuver. Diplomatic Victory is aggravating given how the AI behaves (even as of today). Scientific Victory is just like a default sure-fire way to win, I don't even want to consider it. 

Only Domination Victory feels like a game. But it feels rote. 

I remember saying this even last year: I need to stop sinking time into this game. For some reason the more I progress and the closer I am to victory the more frustrating it becomes. I always start from the Ancient Era because I think what I like the most about the game is just land grab. Everything from when you can't establish new settlement feels predictable, intolerable. 

That's it. I really like having vast, vast swaths of land.

Think of it as a citizen. Would I be happy (or less unhappy) had I been born in Montenegro? New Zealand? Either Korea? No. I'd rather been born as a jungle monkey in Indonesia, or in savage Africa. I really would've been happy running around filthy and starving in Congo. Even though I don't own the land. But knowing your country is so confined is excruciating. I need to read more about how humans first settled around the world. So much of geopolitics today (no matter how advanced technologies or psyops are) is destined and can simply relate to the most rudimentary things. Ofc that's what "geo" is but for real its significance is overlooked. 


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