Fall begins

I'll never forget. 903 is when summer turns into fall this year. 

I wish I could find the "old internet". I wish the pond was bigger. 

The world will keep growing smaller. In the end, perhaps the only righteous pursuit is math. I can't think of anything more abstract and truthful. Is there a way of thinking that is more objectively accurate than math? 

Anyhow, I'm not there yet . 

I feel like we can all see very well into the future at this point- by all I mean nearly 30% of global population. The rest are so passive that you can't really take them into consideration; on a conscious level, they are nonparticipating. 

But 30% of global population (still a subjective #) is a lot. I'm seeing things that deviate that are soon to be forgotten. I'm anxious about what needs to be done. I'm anxious because it has to be a group effort. 


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