Prison Units 101

Did you know nearly all of apartment blocs are modeled after prison units?

People are literally paying to live in prison units. Just because you can interact with other prisoners doesn't mean you are any more free. Stacks of life on top of stacks of life. Flushing comes from above. Messed up water pressure when there is no incentive to get it right. 

I have to admire the will to live. You don't hear much about real suicides in prison. Just like people who live in squalor and destitute, people who are literally serving time believe they have much to live for. In nature, the parents often abandon their young when they show little chance of survival. But human parents, nations, society as a whole, don't do that. We more than tolerate all people and in fact encourage everyone to live, and we go out of our way to make all of it sustainable. 

I ought to be impressed .


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