Monday, November 25, 2019

The future they're fighting for

... is the Freedom to be whoever you want - whoever you truly are. It's Real Freedom.

A Pakistani can have a Christian lifestyle in the foot of the Alps, a Swede can own a large plot of land and practice occultism in Montana, people born in Saudi Arabia are free to live in jungles of Southeast Asia, desert Australians are free to live in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Some already do but it needs to be made more available and accepted- for all people. Abolish all borders and the concept of "Nations".

It's truly a great ideal. It's foolish to designate a swath of land that can only contain one people and one way of life. "Culture". We know Culture can be freely adopted. People should have total freedom of movement. Chaos will erupt all the while as people fight to get there, and when they get there, surely it will still be a chaotic paradise. There will be more conflicts- but people will find their true partners.

I do not want to fight as one people or one nation. I want to flight alongside those whom I CHOOSE.

Choice is too important.

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