Monday, November 4, 2019

Don't eat

It has just occurred to me, of course this should be custom. I can't believe I haven't figured it out after 20 something years.

If you eat 1 meal per day and can sustain for 27 hours which fucks up your cycle, shouldn't you fucking even reduce on that basis to try and get something resembling a normal day of life?

I totally should eat 1 meal every 2 days. This is evolution. This has to be evolution. How else do you explain this. I haven't eaten all day today and I feel great. I'm focused and full of energy. Not like other nights where I can just feel I'm spending too much to process food. Spending too much energy to produce energy...? It's weird.

Anyway. It's clear that I don't need to eat every day. If I eat every 2 days, maybe I'll actually get tired at night like a normal person. The sun and earth aren't going to change for me, you know. I have to... I have to adapt to them. No complaint about that.

It is a mystery, though, because even on paper the math doesn't even make sense. It doesn't add up. How can a person live like this? Next level stuff.

I'm about to fuck off somewhere else in a month, Diary. That place is a lot colder, as far as I know. I guess I should be embarrassed by how little I know, but I really don't have time for it now.

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