Saturday, October 19, 2019

Riot schedule pls?

When and where is the riot? It was absolutely peaceful today (during daytime) . There were tourists and performers on Ramblas, ocean front looks nice, people walking dogs... I even went to the avenue where the riot took place yesterday (the one streamed on RT), the one where all the walls got egged? It's like nothing happened! The place is totally calm and clean.

I'm like "oh cool, they're giving everyone Saturday off", and you know, there were guitarists and others performing in front of the cathedral and I was really feeling like this place is chill, then I come home and fix myself a mediocre dinner, and I come online and find another stream of the protest? Where is this one?

I'm not actually asking for the riot schedule, man.

I'd like to take back everything I've said about Tulsi Gabbard. I was very foolish to find problem with her using one word. That was not indiscretion. I now know that she is actually a much more direct and courageous person than I thought. Is she careful? In a way not apparent to me, perhaps. But it's a pleasant shocker that she would be so straightforward.

But the chopper is pretty annoying though. I keep trying to figure out how much fuel it's burning by flying 18 hours a day. I know, I know. Gotta find where they're gathering so as to bring about police vans. It's loud.

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