Thursday, October 31, 2019

No Good Game

Not many anyway.

I literally went through all IGN reviews released for PC this year today. It looks like platformers are making a comeback but they just can't get perspective right.

It seems like people are obsessed with ugly things nowadays. It seems like UGLINESS is the new POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. WHY THE FUCK does it have to encroach on the gaming space

Not fair at all .

Thought about Elder Scrolls. No... I fucking can identify studio & house by looking at matte or texture now - or, rather, I've refined this ability .

Why did I never have time to get back to Warhammer. Oh yeah that's right, I can't stand anything that resembles LOL. How gross is that thing and how gross that it is still popular today. I saw about 10 screenshots in a lifetime and it still grosses me out. There are just things you pay no mind to and know not to involve yourself in even if a billion people have participated in it. Like most MMOs. Or Facebook.

I think Zuck is insane btw. If he wasn't 10 years ago, he certainly is now. Who is going to trust Zuck or Facebook with Libra? WTF. This is one of the sketchiest public projects I've heard of in recent years.

I honestly think I have a normal standard. Like, I think people will benefit & I'd like people to benefit from having this normal standard.

IGN boards are sad as fuck. Nobody goes there now. Where is everyone? Reddit? Gross.

Don't want to play same old ass Japan-styled game featuring samurai swords. The prominent Japanese elements are really played out. It's just samurai swords, baggy clothes, sandals & whatever. Same can even be said for some medieval armor. People don't invent anymore. It's really tiresome. I'm getting burned out just looking at them. This aesthetics is getting OLD.

God, I really don't think I'm asking for too much.

I'll play Anno 1800 actually

Not Tropico

Assassin's Creed. Been sitting for too long. I just hate to play stealth. That ruins it for me. Maybe I'll never play. Maybe I'll cheat and just walk around. Nice scenery. I really care nothing about the gameplay as far as I see. Stealth is my LEAST favorite MO. It's literally insufferable. ( Stealth is ONLY Acceptable in horror & survival )

I'm getting such fucking fatigue from samurai swords. Oh My God. I don't ever want to wield one ever again.

Going to watch Godfather movies again. & git Anno 1800.

Got it.

Might play Division 2 if I'm Really, REALLY bored one day

Oh Metro Exodus, how could I forget. Anno 1800 & this.

They don't ever fix the physics and display on some of these popular ones, I really don't know how people can stand them.

Anyway, Godfather 1-3, 1800, ME & RE2 first...

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