Monday, October 21, 2019

Modern Warfare Sucks

I just realized why. It's basically bullying. There is so little risk in inflicting injury and pain and unfathomable disparity between the bullies and the victims. You can easily hurt tens of thousands of people without losing 1 life on your end. It's not a fair fight. I'm very much against that.

It's basically picking who do you want to bully. The real "warfare" already happened in the military-industiral complex. It's very frustrating. We're never going to see a good old warfare.

Sword meets a sword, there is some honor in that, because of danger & risk.

Launch whatever onto UNARMED people, there's really no honor in that.

However, some- actually many- would argue war is a means to an end anyway. Totally, and in that sense it's evolved in the correct direction. I don't think so. I think conflict is essential to humanity and the loss of proper war is... well, loss of humanity.

Don't ask why humans have become so callous ever gain.

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