Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hollywood movies don't age well, do they

I don't think I can watch any of it with anybody. It's too cringe!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG TOO CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This stuff doesn't age well. Oh WOW. I can't believe it, Diary. What the hell.

In contrast, pretty much all games I like aged well.

W - H - A - T       -       G - I - V - E - S    ?

Oh Hollywood is a pipeline... even now it's a PIPELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God. I can't believe I didn't follow the pattern in the 03-04 ones. Same casting principles, story line, set &....... Oh Wow.

Just - like any other factory.

Good God. I don't know what to make of it anymore. How long do you think the Netflix model is going to run? Can people actually take this seriously? I don't think I can take this amount of cringe. Oh God. It was NOT apparent back then, but it is now. What is not cringe to others today is clear to me NOW. They will see in the future what I'm already seeing today.

None of this is going to age well. They're trying to create the new standard and in part succeeding. Not forever, not even for long !

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