Monday, October 14, 2019

Democracy = Mob rule

I've given this a lot of thought, Diary.

If you have to have Dictatorship, would you rather have dictatorship of One or the Many? The answer is apparent. I've been escaping the scourge of the masses my whole life, fleeing from one scene of stupidity to the next. It's 100% torture. What to do when you have a group of all-too-easily-controlled individuals? And these groups all think the others are brainwashed. It's 100% deadlocked.

If you are so sure of yourself, you wouldn't need to seek to be a part of a larger group and compromise "minute details" that don't seem to affect your guiding principles. I'm just... I just can't handle people in think groups. I just can't.

I don't think I can watch anyone regurgitate any talking point one more time.I just can't. I'm this fragile, Diary, or rather, impatient. I'm really impatient. I don't have that sort of patience.

A Gang is powerful. Everyone knows that. And everyone knows a gang's power is NOT their knowledge. It's this pure bond they formed upon something that could be entirely wrong. If these people are insecure enough they can harness strange power from this fusion. It's totally GROSS.

Finding agreement is supposed to be a difficult thing. It's supposed to be nuanced in this day and age. Everything that's going on truly exposes just how many nitwits and halfwits are out there. It's a terrifying number. It's literally 99 to 1. I had not thought of this ratio. I did not know it's so deep.

I know now.

Their sameness is a penance already, so. I mean. I know what I'm seeing. They themselves suffer already. I guess I'm not really used to getting joy out of people's misery. I maintain that's wrong. I just don't know why are there so many people who don't want to help or better themselves, I guess. It's like they deep down know they're miserable, but they're fine with it, and they'll take any excuse that justifies their misery and hold on to it so tight that they literally form bond around it like molecules.

Many virtues are lost, so very true. But what really gets me is, it isn't about virtues. It's about survival, even. It's about basic happiness and humanity. How do people readily and simply sacrifice and give up all of the above? I don't understand. They just give up. Nobody can help you when you give up.

Democracy = mob rule - does that mean the mob, in this context literally "the masses" have to be defeated? Absolutely. I've had enough of their plain lack of everything except hubris. But the difference of overthrowing a single dictator vs the masses is, you just want to get it over with when it comes to the latter. And there is no sense of honor, no. It's throwing out trash, that's it.

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