Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Will it . . .

I can't believe - however brief it is - it's raining season now. I enjoyed the downpour yesterday, thoroughly.

Thank God.

Thank you, God.

Life is constant trade-offs, never on equal terms. It seems so a lot of times, but it is not.

- what to do with what we have. You're correct, Diary. I've done nothing with some of the things I have- to set aside time for what's important. It would be a loss- and a shame on my part if I didn't spend the set aside time to do it.

Unfortunately, to be totally honest with you, that's what I've failed to do for a long time. I regret it every day. I can only hope by telling you this I can do better now.

I can be tremendously stupid sometimes; you know this. At the same time, I'm not.

I'd still say that I'm aware the state of my mental health is far from ideal. It's the first time I worry what they might diagnose me with. I don't have to worry about that, though. And unlike before, for the first time I'm not interested in self-diagnosing either. Perhaps it's because I've lost faith in the medical system. Perhaps I just know.

Either way. Will it . . .

 - -

it's raining . .  i've never been more encouraged  .

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