Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Serpent Fly Pond

I'm almost broken just thinking about how good a Serpent Fly Pond is. 

You go to the Serpent Fly Pond, and it's just all of my friends... serpent flies are so loyal and clever. 

I don't know why I just LOVE this unit... 

I wouldn't lug around hundreds of core of any other kind, except skeletons in necro for you know why, but serpent fly is an exception. It's so realistic. I just keep imagining I will go to this pond in summer and it's the serpent fly pond, and we're all friends there. We trade story and intelligence. I'll have an army of serpent flies! 

That's the Only scenario where summer is enjoyable. 

I will start recording some of the maniacal laughter in the street starting tomorrow (at random). You'll see what I have to put up with. I swear to God people don't know what they sound like. 

Now imagine we're at the Serpent Fly Pond... the weeds are combed gently by the wind... the sun is warm... and it's me & all of these friendly creatures... I rest for a bit... we talk about how to breach the next stronghold... life is good. 

If you fantasize about anything that CAN happen in real life, good for you- it's COMPLETELY different than this. I can't see how any of this can materialize. 

Life is suffering, so much suffering. The nightmares are back. A bunch of other petty things I don't want to deal with as well. Life is pure pain endurance. 

Too much pain - not getting what I want. 

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