Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I got a lil excited . . .

I got a lil excited by how good the weather is today and I thought about sex for over 10 hours. I do't think I was paying attention to anything I was doing.

Thing is I can't get used to it. Sooner than I think this city is going to return to its sunny hell.

I'm telling you climate can modify one's personality. Those who live in cold, rainy climate are more logical and reserved. I can't at the moment. I mean it's OK. If you learn about the world it's like no city is worth living in. Who knows. I'll visit Paris. I don't know when.

What you're seeing in the world is a L E V E L I N G  E F F E C T .  OK? Got it, Diary? Leveling effect. That's fair. It's bound to happen. Some realize this. Time is F A I R .

Good to have a new character ( not really ) to masturbate to .

Let's see- what else . . .

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