Sunday, September 22, 2019

Event Tonight

I was right, Diary.

It would've  been weird for me to be there tonight- look at all these old heads. but damn it, it's in Sagrada Familia & I want to go see the next one. You know it's not built as a tourist spot, you know the rules are there for religious reasonz. Now I'm not Catholic at all so it'll be immense pressure for me to stand among a bunch of religious fundamentalists, but damn it, I want to go see it live. This is for the true purpose of the basilica's design .

She actually sings & sings pretty well imo

The rest of them also sing but they sing rather . . terribly .

Supposedly the devils went out and about for a bit
n quickly defeated by the choir . . .

The choir is pretty impressive actually 
Finally, there it is! The chant I've been listening to & trying to understand.

You know, this is true culture that's endured time. This is why Sagrada Familia was erected. Gaudi himself prolly watched these plays.

Sadly, I'm too dumb to even understand the role of each character in this old, old play.

then some people show up with knives . . ? 

n everyone starts putting on hat . . 
& they carried her bed away .

I'm reminded of all those parades I saw where people carried Virgin Mary. One time they passed by this street &  Oh I just remembered it was actually an effigy of Jesus & his head got caught in the power lines. They got it free & the crowd cheered. It all happened right under my windows .

Final Chant. T H E  E N D . 
You know, this is good. It could've felt very holy back in the day, but also -

it's made me appreciate more the chaos & opportunities of today .

Oh this is the final form of Mary ( is it ? ) 

The End - think again ! 

- T  H  E   E  N  D  -

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