Monday, September 16, 2019


Oh wow Tulsi is going off the rails. Let's not talk about that first .

Last night I realized- I found an explanation for many topical phenomena.

Let's take the English Channel for example. You weren't allowed to venture solo across the English Channel as a means to get back and forth between England and France. For whatever reason. Prolly not even out of concern for your safety. Now you can-  that doesn't mean you should. In many cases, too, the options that have been opened up to everyone should only be exercised by a tiny minority. Like that hoverboard guy.

A lot of these topical phenomena are no less dangerous than venturing solo across the English Channel. Just because you have new freedoms doesn't mean you have to flip. You don't have to switch. If what you were doing was right, there is no need to change. On the other hand, if the law forbids you to do the right thing, in my opinion you should do it anyway.

It truly is a good epiphany. All of the sudden I distinguish all the things people do to be trendy. Just look at the timestamp. Has it happened shortly after that option became available? The sheer availability will facilitate people to choose.

So that's another piece of the puzzle solved.

On One exploit 

This has been grilling me for a while now. I'm not sure if I should be drilling at 1 exploit. It's good, but the fact that it's open to the public every once a while- let's say 2-4 times a year- gives me pause . . . I can have it every day of the year, so in a sense it's at least 100x better than what everyone else is getting. The field is big enough, #1 in the world if I care- I do a bit- & I know I'm the only one who owns it.

On the other hand, it does cost me time, which should be dedicated to other things as well. This aspect of my life should not be time-consuming at all, it's like a premise.

I'm only getting fairness in my opinion, which is what it's supposed to be. I shouldn't dwell on it. I can't let the exploit exploit me. It's been over a year & it's definitely transformed me to an extent, but I can see the ceiling of the change that could take place. It's demystified a lot of things for me, too.

Overall, a good one; I need to get a grip.

On Others 

OK. On Tulsi. I'm totally an outsider to American politics, but anything American can afford this illusion of being inclusive and involving. The fact that Washington is becoming more fascinating than Hollywood signifies a good thing- mass awakening of consciousness & is entirely on the fault of the latter- US' greatest propaganda arm I'd say. I think I've come across the WORST adaptation of Sherlock Holmes yet. It was so awkward & hard to watch that I had to stop.

On Tulsi. I saw a screenshot earlier today and thought for sure it was doctored, because it's so uncanny she'd say that. But on the off chance... I checked her Twitter anyway and found out it's real? Do you really say things like that, Tulsi? I think she's become unhinged and deranged. Like the inner working of DNC has broken her faith. You'd think soldiers have steely mind, not when they're not abroad, they don't. I can clearly see she's breaking down. It totally ruined her image. Look, I know she planned to be aggressive when she went after Google and I applauded her for being bold when she said she'd pardon Snowden and Assange. But whenever someone crossed her it really got her on nerves and she still perceives the world from a foot soldier's perspective rather than a leader's. You don't say the B word Tulsi. Never. There are harsher names you're free to use that won't destroy your legitimacy. That word is not presidential, it's not leader-like.

I have to assume that she knows this and she's going to crash and burn anyway. Politics is too mercurial for a hardened mind. Perhaps your perspective won't sway after witnessing actual deaths, but the whole country can't be overseen by a narrow perspective.

I just collapsed. I don't know what I've done today that got me so tired but here you go.

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