Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Time to reflect

Once again, it's time to reflect .

I blame myself for not doing enough research. That always, without exception, ends badly.

I did the best I could, in retrospect. Some perspectives could not be acquired from faraway.

I can only hope I'm doing enough research this time. Indeed I have been doing better .

I have to be realistic and totally honest. There are some hard lines now. I know I've told you this many times now, but now truly, I'm certain and there are fewer and fewer things I'm willing to test. That period of time was short.

I have to be harder on myself. I have to realize that the vacation is over. I will be adventurous only in one direction. I will not take excursions. That is a hard realization, but I have to.

You have to give up large swaths of land, numerous number of people & innumerable number of fantasies.

They don't exist.

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