Monday, August 5, 2019

"normal people"

When an old woman wants to be loved, she walks her dog while wearing nothing but a sports bra.

When - I don't know- a  guy in its 20s - 30s wants to be loved, he broadcasts his quirks in the most expressive way, such as FUCKING ATROCIOUS SINGING LIKE THROAT BREAKING SINGING for a whole hour.

I'm seriously considering calling the cops. His voice is SO HIDEOUS. Oh God.  Nobody lacks so much self-awareness. It's so repulsive. It makes me so Angry. I hope his vocal cord gets ripped one day.

Women scream silently. All those revealing clothes and flirting eyes- it's still quiet. Not men. They have to vocalize it. They have to be heard.

Holy shit, I got it - women have to be seen; men have to be heard. 

Yet just like you can't choose who's your classmates or who works in your organization (unless you founded it, which is a big reason why I do), you can't choose who's your neighbor. I imagine you have some say in rural areas, but feeling stranded if you buy all the land is another trade-off. It's impossible in the city, no question about that at all.

I don't think a French person can sing so loudly and hideously, but I could be wrong. They could have other "quirks". But this is really pushing at my limit. 8PM is a golden hour. Now what.

I hope he dies.

Old women tend to hate young women. I don't think old men have similar feelings for younger men. Ew it's prolly worse, right? They might grope them. All the church stories? Old women just don't want young women to have the attention they want, which seems so much more tame and fair. I don't know who has it worse, I'm just telling you about some of my neighbors.

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