Sunday, August 11, 2019

Beauty of Math

How many trials and errors had to be undertaken to lead to this . . .

The greatest human understanding of the universe is prolly through the most abstract philosophy- the broadest yet capable of being consistent generalizations- and concrete math.

Some say math is both abstract and precise. No. I think math is just precise. Even when it offers a range, that range has a border that is clearly defined.

Abstract (philosophy) advances a sense of unknown. It's to expand on the basis of a rhythm past, present (all that is not concrete) - future and Other.

Everything should reflect that.

All clothing and perfume shall reflect that. Diet. Lifestyle. Yes Diary - Lifestyle. If you have to make choice about what you're going to do with what you have, here is your guidance. This makes things easier for me. Thank you - I mean - thank me .

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