Saturday, August 3, 2019


I just want to quickly say, Diary, bc this is too sad.

I've lived on... well, close enough to las Ramblas for more than two and half years and it occurred to me today I've never stepped into a Zara or Mango or this type of store. I stepped in one today to get some cool air and let me tell you, it is too sad. I can't believe people are being ripped off like this in their home country. Home city! I just found out Mango was founded in Barcelona. It's too sad. Let me tell you, the stuff they sell for 10 a piece costs about 1 to make. Need I say more? Atrocious quality. All the while I was thinking "are people so poor nowadays they have to buy this?"

It's actually expensive if you think about it. The price is all profit. If people would spend 100 on a quality shirt that they'd otherwise waste on 3-4 low quality t shirts, they'd actually be getting a better deal. A quality shirt won't be able to sell at that margin. You get uniqueness & quality. I can't believe people can't do that math. I'd wear the same shirt 3 days in a row, I don't care. I really hope fast fashion is on its way out. I mean, you have the highest margin and you sell to more people... it's like Walmart I guess, the downside is incredible waste, damage to environment and exploit of workers around the world.

It's too sad. I've seen hundreds of thousands of tourists today in just 1 hour, none of them was memorable. Too sad. I don't know what they're doing walking around in the sun. The weather is honestly too atrocious & I indeed can't take it anymore. I don't know why someone would like the sun so much - every single day. Give me a break .

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