Saturday, July 20, 2019

Screeching TV Shows

SCREECHING when you discover your power

SCREECHING when you use your power

SCREECHING when you see the monster

SCREECHING when you lost someone


I can't watch any of them anymore. My head literally hurts.

Stop fucking screeching.

Women in TV 1/2:

Women in TV 2/2:

I know they're only actors, but fuck it, man. There are only crying women and screeching women. It's disgusting. I can't take it - at all. No more. Not one bit more. My natural response when I see crying and screeching has evolved in a weird way, opposite way. Diary, you know what I mean.

I mean, it's been such a long time and they're still doing this - & getting away with it! Is no one else (at least) as bored as I am? Is no one else annoyed by this? What the fuck. You don't need to cry or screech if you're "empowered", whatever the fuck that means in the industry.

Do people actually enjoy women crying or screeching? Oh wow. I can't imagine that. It's an unbearable thought.

Well Diary, I have not seen a good film in a while. The last one I told you about was filmed in 2000 actually. Let the insane people watch other people screech and derive joy from it. I'm out.

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