Monday, July 8, 2019

Not confirmation bias, just confirmation .

I opened Rainy Mood, because it's like, I think if I was trapped in a desert I'd open Rainy Mood.

Then it actually started raining!!! For the first time this whole entire summer!!!!!

I still have to go through the long report. It is... so... long. Author said it's 100,000 words, half a book. But I have to do it. It's disheartening. The well researched content makes me think distrust among countries should be eternal, which directly conflicts with my vision for the future, which I believe is the direction the world is going regardless of any imposing obstacle, a border-less world.

The only thing after this is to figure out in how many ways and which is the best this can be deconstructed. Many people talk about the Collapse. I really want to know how or when. Since there is a pattern, I really should be able to tell. I feel like I've said this exact thing months ago.

I'm not an anarchist at all, Diary.

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