Sunday, July 7, 2019



I'm really starting to think innocence is synonymous with ignorance. Is that right? I think the only thing people like about innocence is its simplicity, wait, and also kindness.

It's interesting.

But more than anything, I begin to find all of it so stupid. I'm much better at combating my own stupidity than others', which only results in the same misery I've endured all my life. I appreciate those who have the patience and heart to communicate with ignorant people. They sure helped me on multiple occasions. For some reason, as soon as I learned something I become tired of it and don't want to talk about it forever. I then proceed to assume the world knows about it, too and get disappointed when it's inevitably proved that they don't.

It's pretty wrong. However, I think I know why. I only have time to care for myself. This is a self-evolved protection.

I know why. That's important, and good.

No matter how disappointed I am, one thing is for sure. The world is getting brighter and brighter every day. Information is finally getting out there and spreading everywhere. A silver lining.

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