Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Drone shot

Man do you think Google Earth is using some of S' tech? Cause she was doing the exact 3D scanning thing years before it was polished like it is today. It's so good now.

Californian roommates. It's weird what sort of people are attracted to Japan. It's not what Japanese people are told at all.

Well, I've found some new truth and angles in well elaborated conspiracy theories. There is no going back, but like I said, I'm going to focus on my own mission. The world will go its way... under the right guidance.

Now. EUR VS USD. I often contemplated the issue/strength of dollars. One time it just occurred to me- "Forget the dolphins, save the dollars!" - that was a psychotic slogan. No. I'm saying, when will Europe have its own federation. The thing is, it can't be like the EU. The membership has to be total and instant. Not only does it have to define itself geographically and politically - geopolitically, in an unanimous fashion, which has never been done before, Brexit just showed some countries can't cede an inch of their ego because of history.

Without a federation, I don't see how euro can out compete dollar.

People keep talking about crypto. They're doing all sorts of experiments on distribution now, some pretty radical (at first sight), which is absolutely right. Lay off the imaginary world changing ramification for now, put it in a small, observable sandbox and see how it goes. The very initiating/issuing/offering/mining/distributing of coins, the very very first steps, in my opinion is the most problematic. In all honesty & with all the hype, crypto HAS NOT passed the proof of concept stage. It honestly is really NASCENT. & I don't know if you noticed, it has actually been a long period of time since the first crypto. People are not late to catch the train. The train hasn't been through a successful test run. Do you really want to get on? No one is missing out. This proof of concept stage has lasted longer than many real world currencies'.

So I get why people hype it- any coin, really, because the proof of concept stage involves innumerable iterations, and the truly disruptive way is paved with martyrs. Some people scam others and some get scammed, I can sympathize but I want no part of that. There was a gay kid (why, the first thing I ever heard him say was "my boyfriend this and that") trading bitcoin in my... I don't even remember what class it was. Anyway, he was the only one in the class trading bitcoin in 2012. He was also the only one, or one of the few, that used Silk Road. I don't know why I'm telling you this. Oh, it's because I emailed and asked him about Silk Road and he ended up trying to sell me bitcoin. Why Officer, I was just curious. Anyway, every time I see news of the price surge I think back on that. Kid's pretty elusive & I don't know if he's filthy rich now.

But like I said, Diary. We can invent crypto, we can colonize Mars. The fundamental question does not change. Surprisingly, converting whole economies to cryto or living on Mars does not change humanity one iota. "Why are you so obsessed with humanity." Diary, I know. Who knew when the abstract gains real life utility, it becomes less sexy?

I even wonder if heavily genetically edited humans can redefine humanity. I suppose it would. Only when the brain is altered. A bionic arm can still be thought of as an arm, bionic eyes can still be thought of as eyes, because their purpose is defined by their function. What is the purpose of the brain? We don't know. We know some functions of the brain, how it regulates the rest of the body. But we can't define an objective purpose for the rest of the brain power or indeed name its function. There arises a third position beside dualism and monism, where the brain is considered separately but one with the psyche. Therefore, only when the brain is altered can the perception be truly changed. The way we think of things. How a brain functions can't be mimicked. I can't fathom that. Not as if I don't want it, I want it badly.

I have to imagine hard.

Oh btw, because of the damn heat, I have had no dreams at all these days.

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