Friday, July 5, 2019

Comic con


I just want to quickly throw it out there: PAX East 2010/2011 (I don't remember, holy shit I just found out 2010 was the first one, so that's prolly why) wasn't so bad.

Now? Now a comic con seems to be a freak show.

No wait. I just looked in my mailbox, I went in 2013. So the 4th one. OK. Still wasn't too bad. Went to Newbury afterward & got caramel apple at the market. Good Grief. I owned a Boston Red Sox hat. Don't tell anyone.

Anyway, I just want you to know that's the only comic con I've ever been to. Don't think of me as one of those, Diary. I won't let you.

What I just told you a lil earlier tho, I could be one of those and still be absolutely normal compared to the fucked up people I've read about.

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