Saturday, June 8, 2019

Ultra nightmare

It never ends . This must be the flashback of all the bizarre and horror anime I've ever watched. It felt like it. There was this guy who was normal at first, and there was this girl. She shreds people ( for fun ) with a pair of scissors though after she shredded them it's like they're not people (no flesh), just paper-like skin in cut up pieces. But when she first started to cut them they still had human form. The thing is, right, the thing is- they have no conscience, they had no remorse. The guy was laughing like it was just another day in the end . 

What the FUCK . Give me one good reason why I'm having this nightmare .  H'where was I in all of this ? Good question . I was a captive audience . I was there just watching them do these psychotic, homicidal things .

Why. I just want a good night's sleep .  One .

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