Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Moth's wing

1 .

I had an interesting nightmare last night. Have you ever considering being attacked by cloud ?

It's just disaster after disaster. I really want to do this new thing, but information vs. opinion... I think I'd rather choose opinion because I'm so used to condensing information- it's almost an intuition now. There are better ways to present information, but someone else will get it done, like history has shown.

Let's think - means to and end. Means to an end.

I think - it's necessary .

It's helpful. Not real time. Not as frequent as I . . .

30. Is it manageable? LG? Is it happening? God, Diary.

I'm the - Orderly Good.

Stacking. Trees.

It's a mess.

What nightmare is it going to be tonight? I don't know.

People have abandoned God. People have to place their faith in somewhere new. People put their faith in each other. People let each other down. People actually lose faith. People . . .

​ The perfect moon. When it's all possible.

There was so much mystery. You can play any sort of music under the moonlight. You don't know -


Hierarchy? Order?

Trial of the Absolutist.

It's me. Is it? Am I an absolutist? It's what I questioned over and over this past week.

I'd be a lot more relaxed otherwise.

I can't handle The Economist's bias anymore, Diary. They think they're so clever and so subtle, they're not. I literally can't handle it anymore. Even an article from Vanity Fair from at least 6 years ago said they did not do their own reporting, I can't believe it took me this long. It's just book reports and voyeurism disguised as news. As far as the briefs go, they all have opinions attached. I don't want to opine on opinions, I want to opine on facts, damn it .

Anyone can really get by without reading news, even national heads now. If it's an emergency there's got to be protocols. Everything else has a big wide time window. Well I don't mean ever, I mean as diligently as I fathomed.

It's not necessary anymore. Everyone just chill, and be lazy. What kind of a world is that? I'm all angsty now. Who the fuck is goin -

I don't know what is it people do, Diary. They're increasingly fine with having no goal. I don't know how to deal with people like that.

At the same time I have concerns of my own. What I'm supposed to enjoy is giving me a headache.

I just really, really don't like the direction humanity is going. I've read some good news on the ToC - on a DAILY BASIS, yet I'm still angry. I feel like the arms can't actually be twisted. I feel like the giants have caved in to good principles ungracefully, & that really gets on my nerves.

In other news, I feel like I'm not going to see border liquidation any time soon. Each step is taking too slow & I wonder where are the bravehearts or what are they up to now.

People are so comfortable, it makes me riled. Even in misery. Make no mistake, I'm in acceptance, not comfort. They keep telling me I'm living in paradise; I get sick just looking at them.

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