Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Looks like I'm going to have to be an even bigger asshole

I don't like being an asshole even though deep inside I detest people. It's very hard for me to come across in a rude way in person. This is to keep interaction pleasant, of course, but today I just learned apparently people like me can't even do that anymore.

From multiple sources, it appears I'm going to have to be an even bigger asshole. I'll literally take compliment as insult. I won't respond to time wasters even out of politeness. It's going to be a process to internalize this. There is some truth to it, and I guess I'll just know - in an indifferent way- that some people mean well. Also, women as a species decided we can't smile to strangers anymore, so I won't smile to strangers anymore.

Diary, you'll be surprised at how much I'm willing to compromise on things that don't touch my principles. I want no friction with and among other women, no friction at all. I dread very much that we're not on the same page. The current game plan in the progressive part of the world which honestly is the only part that matters to me- is that, women must appear that they hate men and are fed up with their bs. Cool, I am and I understand all the arguments. I was just not super clear on the little things I have to do.

So from now I'll dial my friendliness way down. Now that I know it's not going to reduce the pleasantry of daily life all that much, since all women do it and men expect it, it should be fairly easy. In fact, this could signify a new future. If we keep going this direction, maybe one day I can be the same exact asshole I actually am on the side. Imagine getting away with that in a socially-acceptable way.  I'm thrilled.

​So yeah. Filing this so I remember & so you know. I don't like the concept of society as it is right now, but I really don't have a choice. I really wish they'd show me the real elite society they've been hiding from me all these years, even if just to show me the rules are different and better.

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