Saturday, June 22, 2019

I trust Google more than Amazon & Microsoft

Hosting choice is giving me a headache. I think that at the end of the day, I trust Google more than Amazon & Microsoft.

First of all, I don't even trust Amazon at all. I even used AWS back in 2014 and it was fucking horrid. They keep saying they got to the market first, yeah. Jeff Bezos is a greedy fuck. Amazon's tech has never been great. And there is no such thing as ethics. You have to know it takes a lot for someone like me to condemn about ethics.

I've never tried Azure. WIN 10 is not the most stable or bug-free thing. But Microsoft suites - you know h'what - I just remembered it's not great either.

So one of them I hate, one of them I'm not too excited about, but Google has never made me angry. Google let me down a couple of times but the fact that I can't even remember what it was shows it's not too important. BTW Google has always had a sense of humor which the other two just DON'T FUCKING HAVE. I don't know. You want to deal with a corporation, but then you don't want to deal with a corporation. I do believe everyone who is not an engineer at Google is not on par with the good employees, by that one occasion I had to speak to an imbecile sales rep.

You know, when it comes down to it, it's all about control. Definitely Amazon but less so Microsoft can seize control if they decide to become psychotic. I really, really start to see the long term effect of the founder on the soul of the company . .  no listen Diary. I think I should probably give Google Cloud a shot. I really don't like switching host though. I really, really don't want to switch AGAIN.

They say stuff is everywhere, but I think ever since it's all becoming digital, the cat's back in Schrodinger's box. In a snap of a finger it can appear or disappear. History can be easily erased. If the trivia is not gone, what use is there if it's just sitting there and no one discovers it? I find it stressful.


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