Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Favorite color btw

I member thinking about how much I love pumpkins when I was lying in bed last night. Yellow-ish orange versus blood orange tho.

Me, being naive, probably got sun-burned today . . .

Anyways . What was it again ? What was I going to say ?

I did have something to say.

Anyhow. Whenever I go to Navarro I do not want to give up, like I want to decorate the loft with all sorts of plants again. But coming home and remembering the ways all the plants I had died and how I could not save them, I can't. To see color drain from a flower and watch it wither, and even the toughest plant loses its life, it's just, it's just so impossible and hard. I might have missed a few very simple things that's caused this, but I'm not ready yet. I thought about getting tall vases, too. That might happen. Still, no flowers lasted more than 7 days. I think they ought to last longer.

I've always found romance in the idea of a necromancer, but I actually am very afraid that I'll become someone who if I touch something, that thing dies .

Anyway. My favorite color is orange. Yellow-ish orange. It's autumn, it's fall, it's pumpkin, it's inferno. It's sweet and cute and passionate. Yet more destructive than anything except black and red. It's fire. ( Fire ain't red, show me a fire that's red )

OK then .

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