Sunday, June 9, 2019

Boundless hate - > GRRM

Why can't this attention-seeking, greedy, dumbass cunt stay off the game industry?

 Granted this isn't the biggest problem, but I'm incensed.

 Look at these dimwits. Look at what these dimwits are up to . 

 Where did all the good game designers go? 20 years ago they prolly had a choice between work and passion, but now I don't see why someone who's capable wouldn't work in tech or finance over gaming. You get a bunch of dumbass to slave over a tried-and-true product package and sell them to an even dumber audience who would gobble up anything. You can HIDE the fucking lackluster gameplay with music and graphics. I feel sorry for these slaves but not too much. These idiots have permanently eroded my interest in gaming though, so fuck them .

 Fucking hell, Diary . I don't know if I want to read Homer for the second time. Did you read about Psychedelic Society ?  - No I'm not going to the Netherlands and take a bunch of drugs, but that gives you a glimpse of what future holds. That's right, in the future we trade experiences. Games no longer provide great experiences- the fantastical escapism is gone and all that is left is some formula and a marketing plan. There is still one more shot with VR though ( fuck AR, I thought in bed for about 10 minutes last night and couldn't come up with a good use for it ).  There is actually huge potential in VR- less scripted but more immersive. I'll have to look into it .

 Now that I've calmed down for a bit, I have to tell you this: the bigger problem still is the forced positivers. At times it seems people filled with pure hatred like myself are on the brink of extinction- no, I assure you, I sense plenty of hate of reason in the world brooding under the "happy", calm surface (a false facade). But I noticed this. People with a positive attitude are violent these days. If you criticize others you'll get brigaded to hell. Imagine someone holding a gun to your head and screaming- " YOU MUST LOVE LIFE! YOU MUST LIKE EVERYONE! YOU MUST LIKE ALL THE THINGS! THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS BAD MOVIE/GAME/ART! EVERYTHING MUST TOUCH YOUR HEART AND MAKE YOU CRY! "

 Also- 'tis important, Diary, also- 'tis really important, as a result, we're entering a


  h'where one doesn't matter and one doesn't mind other people's business. Did you notice it's complete indifference, lethargy and no strength of union (therefore the lack of any possibility of rebellion & uprising). The new structure is getting cemented fast as though fixed by superglue. Of course I'll never abide by those rules, I live to disrupt and anguish. But I just want to tell you. This is what it leads to. One puny death makes it to the news. I honestly don't give a fuck unless >10,000 people die. I've kept my news subscription for a while now and that has yet to happen. Imagine that. No consequence to anybody. Everybody is accepting and positive. The absolutely fugly lame shit gains attention from the mediocre majority.

 It's absolutely repulsive, Diary. The notion literally crawls under my skin. A consequence-free era? A CONSEQUENCE-FREE ERA? Are you FUCKING kidding me?

 NO. No, never. NEVER. I will never accept it. I know VERY, very clearly what value these people have- and the meek value they stubbornly hold. I know very clearly what ( & how little ) value the things they create have . I'm going to twist some arms .

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