Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Activities in Tomb

Dating a reference back to 2012, not nice at all .

 Diary - I -

 It turns out I can't really appreciate Wagner- or anyone- for now- in the music area.

 Maybe it is true that one cannot appreciate everything- one is not equipped to understand and appreciate everything. Another dent in my belief, isn't it.

 Ever felt the world is too small, Diary ? Every day these pieces... these frankly unsympathetic pieces... run around in slow motion. What's good? What's really, truly good? What's not depressing ? What's not to dislike ?  For real .

 Diary. Listen. It's a strange notion. It's not a new notion. In fact I hope everyone has had this notion at least once .

 Human history really is pretty short.

A Piece of Context From Tuscany

 There is absolutely no need for a piece of context from Tuscany.

 IT'S RAINING!!!!!!!!!!



  Oh wow. Oh.

 There is absolutely no need for a piece of context from Tuscany.

 I have the case of "context listening"- but don't you think it should stay in the context? Sure, I can't return to the exact location where I first heard it- where the emotion was first aroused- but maybe it means I shouldn't be revisiting it for no reason. If I'm feeling nostalgic because of history, I should dig it up and give it 10 loops tops, but as for soundtracks, don't you think they should stay in the game? I don't know what any music does for me outside of their respective context. Absolutely nothing. I will probably never get the correct context for Classical music. I've told you 100 times, every time I go to a concert I promptly fall asleep or get distracted completely by other thoughts that push out the enjoyment. Supposedly, it was enjoyment. It's embarrassing.

Oh wait that's it? It rained for twenty seconds straight. Nice. Thanks.


I guess it's just a kind of regret that I won't be able to enjoy such a common thing that prolly anybody other than the deaf can enjoy. But I'm not deaf. I'll have to think of it as something like lactose intolerance- which thankfully I also don't have. Eating cheese won't make up for it. Alright enough of this.

 Are you ready for a life- the rest of your short life - without music ?

 I am, Diary .

 ( OK it begins to rain again . )

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