Thursday, March 7, 2019

iiiiiii - 0

Guess h'what, I got an invitation to an alumni event in SF past few days. Will not go & did not RSVP .  Not doing anything in the field of study back in college right now.  Not particularly curious how or what others are doing now either . 

I felt a lil bit sick reading hentai just now .  Is it sad to contract such a typical men's problem ? A lil bit, of course . But you know what's sadder - to fuck anyone I'm not attracted to . There's got to be more. I can't be the only one . For the past month I've been wanting to fuck Leon, and I'm getting over it now. ( I had the cute idea of moving to Lyon and stroll in front of Interpol in hopes to spot someone looking like Leon lol - say no more . ) No you know what's the saddest? Of all the hentai I've browsed - thousands of them - I know, it was staggering to me too when I saw the tally, but you have to believe me when I say that I only glanced over ( the vast majority of ) them quickly, like no more than a few seconds, but the saddest thing is there is only one Takeda Hiromitsu . The rest of them are woefully bad at drawing .  Once again I'm sorry to myself that I don't have time to do everything . Takeda likes to draw ugly bastards, too, yuck . Should not have to use too much imagination when I'm trying to get off . It's so much easier to get off for guys . They're probably fine with mediocre - prolly not ugly - ones in the first place .  Another sad thing, I'm not gay . I'd love to watch two women having sex over some godawful guy, but the thought of lesbian sex still makes me want to vomit . Literally almost no choice for normal women . I really don't like the new genre . What does it mean "for women" - why does it have be vanilla like that ? Why can't you get two hot people to fuck violently - I mean - passionately ?  I know, I'm not giving up on the doll plan .

It's just hard. There are so many retards and ugly bastards floating around .  Well never mind that . I mean, you gotta get off and go out and look legitimate . People are pathetic and absurd - including me .

Now here is a crazy thing . Why is it that the day I drink coffee is the day I'm most sleepy ? Why ? Why does coffee make me tired ? It's supposed to be the opposite . I feel like I'm about to doze off any second now .

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