Monday, February 25, 2019

in the van


Do I have... have I experienced any emotion other than aggravation ?

I don't . . . I can't .

At one point I realized every unique thing you do and everything you learn- regardless of how big or small- further alienates you from other people. Time isn't a loop. History doesn't really repeat itself. People are not meant to be stuck in a rut. We have to progress- in the real sense of the word. We better ourselves not in order to accumulate any sort of fungible wealth.

I have several points of confusion as to how to proceed from there. I haven't the faintest clue where some people are. You know this. I've been pondering and wondering for the last 10 good years. I still don't know, and I can't keep it that way. It's become imperative that I do figure it out.

The week of timeline has begun. Don't distract yourself with other stuff .

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