Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I will remember this .

Whether this is another ill joke of God no longer matters to me. I have strayed from my path long enough.

You can't change who you are.

You can't change what you like.

Yeah, of course I can change when I know I'm wrong (but not in the wrong). Yeah, of course I know what is absolutely unattainable and untouchable.

But I suppose as long as I have life, I will continue making mistakes. I can strive to make least mistakes, but I worry if - no, it's not.

I keep forgetting how impressionable I am. But that's all the information there is. 

I am not broken. Yet. I will not allow myself be broken. I will choose Death. I have no fear.

What if it is 10 Chapters, y'know ?  I'm almost through, and don't you think I'm retarded for not thinking about it ?

File I never had.

One more unattainable item on the list .

My tragedy is God's comedy - but - Both are divine .

Analog .

Have I always been in the depth of hell ?

What I always say  -  immeasurable depth of despair .

- An Natural End .

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